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Sometimes when we go to download something from Google Play, you can us the following message appears, well, like crazy: Relax, it will not vibrate the eye, this is very simple to fix, knowing as clear as any. Sique these steps: 1.- your Android device, we go to the Settings After 2.- to Applications Here 3.- locate the following GOOGLE SERVICES FRAMEWORK : 4. We select Google Services. 

Revealed the Sony Xperia Android L models updated at the beginning of 2015

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The arrival of Android L is much closer than later actually, and so it is normal that people start to become interested in upgrade plans that manufacturers may have at this point.The plans must not be very safe so far, but that does not stop us start arriving about leaks. From the same source that revealed to us the Xperia Sony Tablet Z3 Compact before the IFA 2014 , which certifies a little. 

Philips is committed to the Android operating system

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The first TV of this type arrive in the country in 2015  Photo: Courtesy TP Vision   LAS LEÑAS.- Surrounded by an environment of mountains that one never tires of looking at one of the hotels in this city of Mendoza was the place chosen by TPVision (Philips TV) to show the Argentina press the first smart TV that mark with Android operating system, the same smartphone, arriving in the. 

How to open Android Apps on Chrome OS

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From now you can open Android apps on Chrome OS The compatibility of the ‘apps’ between systems was announced at the conference Google I / O 2014. Photo: File particularly The first four applications are available Duolingo, Evernote, Sight Words, and Vine. Google announced on the Google I / O 2014, its developer conference, the applications of the Android operating. 

Android fans: “Dear iPhone 6 users, Welcome to 2012»

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Followers of the Google operating system mock new phone features Apple RON AMADEO / TWITTER Android fans have not hesitated to charge the new iPhone 6presented by Apple this week. Ron Amadeo, editor of technology site Ars Technica , “could not help” make a chart comparing some of the new specifications incorparadas on iPhone 6 with the functions of another cell phone,. 

Five Steps: Choosing Between iOS and Android

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When you go to a store-and it’s online or in a store established-looking for a smart phone or a tablet, the obvious question is: should choose a model with the Apple iOS (iPhone / iPad) or one provided the Google Android system? Here are some clues to answer. 1 Compatibility and control apps The iOS devices are generally provided or can be upgraded to the newest version of the. 

BLU Announces The Studio C Mini And Studio 5.0 C HD To Compete With The Moto E And Moto G [Hands-On]

By AndroidPress | On Wed, Aug 6th, 2014 - No Comments »
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Studio C Mini Studio 5.0 C HD Conclusion Comments (4) When it comes to affordable, off-contract handsets, BLU is one of my favorite phone manufacturers on the market. The company offers a myriad of devices to fit a wide range of budgets, and today’s release features a couple of new handsets for those looking to pick up a smartphone for around $150 or less. As always with BLU,. 

Amazon Fire Phone Review: It’s Not Terrible, It’s Just Pointless

By AndroidPress | On Fri, Aug 1st, 2014 - No Comments »
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Hardware Build Quality and Design Display Speakers and Call Quality Camera Storage Battery Life Software Fire OS Dynamic Perspective Firefly Performance Conclusion Comments (15) By now, you’ve probably heard a lot about Amazon‘s Fire Phone. I figure that most people aren’t really curious about what the overall phone is like – if you’ve used a Kindle Fire/HD/HDX. 

Satechi CD Slot Mount Review: It’s Time To Give Your Car’s CD Player A Purpose Again

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How It Works Drawbacks Should You Buy It? Comments (35) The Satechi CD slot mount is well worth a buy (oops, I was supposed to save that for the end, wasn’t I?). Last week I went hands-on the Kenu Airframe+, an AC vent mount that I absolutely loved. But some readers pointed us in the direction of CD mounts, a category I hadn’t yet considered, and one that gives purpose to. 

Samsung Level Over, On, In, And Box Review: Samsung May Finally Be Getting Sound Right

By AndroidPress | On Tue, Jul 29th, 2014 - No Comments »
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Level Over ($350) Level On ($180) Level In ($150) Level Box On The Level Comments (5) Samsung’s finally getting into the premium personal audio market with its Level line of products, but can they just walk into this increasingly crowded space, one that is, frankly, dominated by the oft-maligned Beats Audio? Two pairs of headphones, one pair of earbuds, and a portable Bluetooth.