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10 easy steps to optimize and speed up your android phone [IMAGE GALLERY]

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1. Get a better browser. One of the main advantages of using the popular Opera Mini is that its cloud engine compresses data by up to 90%. It features tabbed browsing, support for widgets and the ability to configure advanced features of privacy, such as the ability to automatically erase passwords, cookies and browsing history. The advantage for Android users: The ability to use Opera Mobile instead of Opera Mini. Opera Mobile supports Flash and 3D graphics engine has an HTML 5 web engine and has a side navigation device to more faithfully. You can set the rendering engine to work locally when in a Wi-Fi network and default rendering engine based on the cloud, when on a 3G or 4G network to minimize the use of expensive data (if not a full data plan). It also lets you access the camera from your browser. Wait new widgets soon.

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