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BlackBerry-Foxconn Smartphone Will Cost Under $200 Off-Contract

Posted In News - By DailyAndroidNews on Wednesday, January 8th, 2014 With No Comments »

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Sitting down with the press during CES 2014, BlackBerry outlined its strategy for 2014. The company reportedly plans to launch two new smartphones this year: an entry-level sub-$200 touchscreen device designed and manufactured through a partnership with Chinese manufacturer Foxconn, and a high-end handset developed entirely in-house.

“For emerging markets, BlackBerry will let Foxconn take a bigger role,” Chen said. “But we will do the next set of cool phones,” which the CEO notes will include a physical keyboard.

Since taking over the company, Chen has made a number of sweeping changes, dismissing much of the executive team that led BlackBerry’s failed Z10-Q10 strategy last year and cutting ties with chief creative officer Alicia Keys. Moving into 2014, the company appears hopeful its new two-pronged strategy will work, and Chen predicts BlackBerry could be profitable by 2016.

That’s very optimistic, but considering the fact that BlackBerry barely made it out of 2013 alive we can’t help but wonder whether it will last until the end of 2014 let alone 2016.

Source: CNET

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