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CyanogenMod cLock widget released for all Android 4.2 devices

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Wednesday, August 21st, 2013 With No Comments »

There are plenty of perks that come along with running CyanogenMod, however there are times when you cannot install a custom ROM for one reason or another. Or for that matter, there may be an app or other form of support that keeps you running stock. Regardless though, one of those CyanogenMod perks is a widget called cLock.


Well, in a bit of good news that widget has been released for devices that aren’t running CyanogenMod. Specifically, the cLock widget is available for all devices running Android 4.2 or later. Basically, for devices that support lock screen widgets.

Anyway, the cLock widget is available from the xda-developers forums and is both free to download and free to use. You can get a look at the widget in the screenshot sitting above and otherwise — it shows the time and weather as well as any calendar appointments. There are options to customize each of those three items and you can also choose to not display an item.

For example, the screenshot you see above has the upcoming calendar items turned off. Some of the time settings include style such as the bolded hours and settings such as showing the next alarm. The weather is similar in that there are the expected options such as the update interval time and location, but you can also choose to show the location and also use metric.

The calendar has quite a bit of options available. Here you can choose to turn this off or on and also which items to display. Some of the settings include being able to choose which calendars are shown, how far the app should look ahead, to hide all-day events and more. You can also adjust the font colors throughout the widget.

That all being said, those looking for the cLock widget can grab it using the xda-developers link sitting below — just make sure you are able to download and sideload apk files because this one is not in the Play Store.

VIA: xda-developers

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