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Google Glass to be used for Mutualink demo on public safety communications

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Tuesday, August 20th, 2013 With No Comments »

If you thought that Google Glass could only be used for checking out locations, chatting with friends, or taking photos, then maybe you need to think more creatively. Glass has already been used to improve the lives of physically impaired people. Now Mutualink will be demonstrating how the same device could be used to help save lives.


Mutualink, a special service provider for organizations that include the NATO Special Operations Forces, will be demonstrating at APCO 2013 in California exactly how that could happen by combining Google Glass with Mutualink technology and software. With Glass’ real-time multimedia capabilities, public safety officers such as law enforcers and firefighters will be able to more quickly, efficiently, and safely carry out operations through fast two-way communications and information sharing.

Mutualink provides several use cases for Google’s wearable computer in public safety situations. Firefighters will be able to get access to blueprints and schematics of a burning building even before they enter, enabling them to navigate through it even under thick smoke. Police will be able to view live feed from security cameras in an active crime scene. Personnel will also be able to communicate through voice and live video with other personnel or monitoring centers for more effective coordination.

As with any technology of this nature, there will naturally be privacy issues and fears of abuse. Mutualink believes that such a use of Google Glass would not be that different from surveillance systems that are already legalized and are in place today. They say that there needs to be a balance between public welfare and privacy and that the way to strike that balance is through dialogue.

VIA: TechCrunch

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