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How to turn on and turn off Android Safe Mode

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How to turn on and turn off Android Safe Mode


With each passing day, we see more and better features in our Android Smartphone, and each of them makes the experience seem to using an ordinary PC. Google have added a new feature for mobile OS: Safe Mode.

What is Safe Mode?

Safe Mode is just starting a second mode in which the system instead of loading as normal, simply loads the system and its basic services, so that we have a facility whose operation can comfortably perform certain maintenance (such as virus scanning).

The latest version of Android has built this way (even though it already existed in previous versions, each manufacturer implemented as they wanted so it was pretty chaotic). It will be especially useful if you are uncertain if your device has been damaged, the system crashes or some program is causing a conflict.


How can I activate it?

  • We press the power button until the phone shutdown menu appear
  • Press the shutdown option and hold on it.
  • After done, your phone will notify you that it will restart in safe mode and we will confirm.

Simply restart your phone turn off safe mode and open in normal mode your phone.

What do you think about this feature?


Safe mode for Samsung : Click here
Samsung Galaxy Centura Safe Mode off  :
  Turn off the phone and remove the battery for a while. When you turn it on and it should be normal again.
How to activate virus scanner for Android phone : Check this link

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