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Samsung S Health Buddy app gamifies active living

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Tuesday, August 20th, 2013 With No Comments »

Everyone needs a morale boost once in a while, and nowhere is this need more pronounced than in exercising. That is why so many techniques have been developed to motivate people, from plain old force of mind to employing game mechanics. With S Health Buddy, Samsung wants to put that element of fun into your workout routine to help give you an added push.


S Health is an app on the Galaxy S4 that tracks users’ workout, food intake, and body weight. It also measures the surrounding temperature and humidity to gauge a user’s comfort levels. And of course, what fitness app would be complete without boards and charts to monitor and analyze progress. So far, nothing unusual. Samsung now wants to take that further and sprinkle in a bit of entertainment to make exercising and watching your progress more enjoyable.

Enter S Health Buddy, an app that creates a mini-you as a mirror of your health. Users of popular fitness games on the Wii will be familiar with the concept. S Health Buddy lets you create an animated avatar based on your height, weight, and some personal customizations. As you lose weight, so will your Buddy. The app also features leaderboards and badges for those with a more competitive streak. See Samsung’s promotional video in Korean below:

S Health Buddy is available for free on Google Play Store but is compatible only with the Galaxy S4 and its various editions. So far only the Korean language is supported and there is no news yet if and when it will be made available in English.

VIA: Sammy Hub

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