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SwiftKey Cloud launched, syncs profiles and writing styles across devices

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Wednesday, August 21st, 2013 With No Comments »

Swiftkey, makers of the popular keyboard app, has finally launched its cloud service that seems both logical and yet unusual for a keyboard app. Simply called SwiftKey Cloud, the service allows users to sync their personal writing styles and language profiles across any number of devices, as well as broaden SwiftKey’s learning sources.

SwiftKey Cloud 1

SwiftKey learns from users’ patterns and style in order to provide better predictive input and smarter suggestions. These are stored in users’ profiles which can now be backed up with SwiftKey Cloud. Restoring those personalized settings on a new device happens automatically once SwiftKey has been installed. But this isn’t the only feature that SwiftKey Cloud has introduced.

A new feature called Trending Phrases makes use of SwiftKey’s algorithms to analyze news sources and social networks to gather the day’s latest and most popular news in order to offer users more relevant word and phrase suggestions. And lastly, Enhanced Personalization helps SwiftKey tailor its predictions based on users’ email or social network activities. SwiftKey Cloud currently has support for Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo!Mail as optional learning sources. SwiftKey has provided a short video below explaining the various features.

SwiftKey Cloud will be part of the SwiftKey 4.2 update which is coming to existing SwiftKey users for free. For a limited time only, SwiftKey will be on sale for $2.99, a 50% discount from the normal price. SwiftKey is currently available on Google Play Store, Amazon App Store, and Android PIT.

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