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10 easy steps to optimize and speed up your android phone

Posted In News - By DailyAndroidNews on Sunday, June 9th, 2013 With No Comments »

For iPhone users love to brag about their phones. They queue around an apple for hours when a new one is released. However, for many users, Android is clearly a superior platform. Yes, its Achilles heel is great: security. Android’s openness and large market share mean that is a juicy target for attackers.

 However, Android opening also provides important benefits. It allows more customization, applications are generally cheaper and manufacturers of different mobile phones are able to offer different form factors such as the hybrid between smartphone and tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Note. With a little tweaking, you can accelerate and Android optimized in a way that will turn heads of iPhone users. Here are ten ways to make Android faster, more productive and safer than the iPhone:

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