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1Password Android App Is In The Making [PIC]

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Tuesday, July 16th, 2013 With No Comments »


If you have a lot of accounts online, such as Dropbox, Google, Ebay, etc, then you must have heard of 1Password. However, for the few that might not have heard of it, just think of all those user names and passwords you must remember, but sometimes forget, 1Password takes care of it. It generates passwords for your accounts and handles them, so all you got to remember is your 1Password account and it will fill everything for you, including online forms and logins.

The app is available for PC, Mac, iOS devices and Android, but the Android version was never even close to PC, Mac and iOS versions. A lot of features we’re missing from the Android app which meant it didn’t really take off in the Android world.


However, that might change, as a post from AgileBits, 1Password’s creator, teases a new upcoming Android app that should bare all the features Android users missed. David Chartier from AgileBits stumbled across two screenshots from a new 1Password Android app on the company’s Dropbox, which clearly indicates the new app should come sooner than later to the Android world.

If you’re a 1Password user hoping for this news then be sure to leave your comments on the section below. If you’re not familiar with 1Password follow the link and find a bit more about this life facilitator.

[Via AgileBits]

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