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25 + Apps that must be installed in your Android Device

Posted In News - By DailyAndroidNews on Sunday, October 13th, 2013 With No Comments »

As I had said, I just bought my Android tablet and I’ve been using a little. In this post I want to say about 30 applications that can not miss in your Android device so you can enjoy more of the same no matter if it’s a tablet or a Smartphone.

This app does is allow you to manage your Android device from your computer via WiFi, one of the best managers out there for sync undoubtedly platform.

The famous Mozilla web browser, now also available on Android for faster browsing, safe and functional for the web, in my personal opinion, NOT REPLACE the default android, rather it is a good complement to it.

A great RSS feed reader for your Android device, This is the Google Reader you all know and love but obviously adapted for the Android OS and its user interface.

File storage service in the cloud. It integrates nicely with several Android applications and has benefits for users of this OS Mobile.

Track an Android device Stolen / Lost with the best technology to do so through Prey. The app and service are free (although there is a paid version) and the software used is OpenSource, has many interesting features.

Social networks are a must on your mobile devices and through its official apps for Android you can stay connected whether on mobile or tablet.

A PDF document reader for your Android device with some features you might find useful.

For a fairly low price, we have Adobe Photoshop for Android! The famous graphics editor Adobe at your fingertips, on your Android Device itself as the category other interesting apps.

A free office suite for your Android device, selected by most users as the best compared to other alternatives of style. 

A File Manager with many options available for your Android device. To my taste the best, has a great interface for all overloaded, Root access various functions and if your device is rooteado … BusyBox is a unit SolidExplorer required to make use of root functions and if the squatters should install this as well.

A reader Ebooks for your Android device with several other interesting features. In the best (if not the best) in its category.

Need more presentation? A hilarious game for all those who have a touch device capable of running the game lol, is the original edition, the seasons, Rio, Space and more than likely enjoy several pretty.

13) Avast! Antivirus

Android devices are susceptible to viruses, Did you know? Protect yourself with Avast, best antivirus for the platform. If you intend to use along with any tracking tool as Prey, then disables the module that handles this in Avast, it is necessary to have it activated and operate requires that they can install programs from unknown sources on your device, which does not favor security to be honest. 

14) Fast Reboot

Because phones and tablets “smart” daily require more resources than are factory integrated, there are many apps to optimize the RAM, speed up the device and other … I’ve tried several, (and most famous) to check that it does not really make a difference. Fast Reboot the other hand yes: When your device starts encouraged, fast press the reboot button, it will simulate a quick restart (obviamenre) so that in 1 second or two, your tablet / smartphone will have the fluidity and speed that you love.

15) Skype

The official Skype client for android is very good and gives extra functionality to the phone: Call / Videoconferencing free among friends / contacts among other things they already know insurance as benefits of Skype. 

16) DroidEdit

A code editor (No Root) to your android device … If you’re not a programmer, consider it a notepad on steroids, you should be taken. 

17) Juice Defender

This is a Battery Saver for Android that does work and is worth it, disable / enable unnecessary services and daemons automatically according to the behavior of the phone to save energy resources in addition to other things. 

18) Android Terminal Emulator

A terminal within your android device … Believe me you will be useful on several occasions … Android is based on Linux operating system (in its Kernel as) and as every linux distro out there, barely deal sometimes a terminal never hurts. 

19) Easy Voice Recorder

A sound recorder with excellent quality. Recommend it enough if you need job interviews or any app that has this function for anything. 

20) Google Drive

5 GB of cloud storage with capacity of google open loads of files directly to your tablet / smartphone via internet and webapps without having to support their respective programs installed formats. 

21) Wikipedia

The most famous encyclopedia now at your fingertips.

 22) reveals WiFi

Audits and get keys WiFi networks around you with this application … Hailed by many users in the Google Playstore. 

Get much more out of the camera of your device with this free app which includes some interesting additions editions and effects for your use. 
24) Google Maps + Street View , Google Translate , Gmail etc

Google basic services that are enjoyed a lot in the mobile or tablet and integrate the interesting features to direct us in the device 

25) SoundHound

Find out who he is or who sings that song playing and you do not know directly from your device with this particular scanner quite useful. 

26) Zello Walkie Talkie

Turn your device into a radio that works via free WiFi to communicate in times of emergency and quickly with your contacts from within the app. 

Transfer files between android devices using WiFi … Quite useful if you have bluetooth and other media between devices for example. 
28) Facebook Messenger

For when you just want to chat without worrying about the notice or other similar things, replacement of MSN Messenger as we all know at the present time … hahaha. 

29) Evernote

Application for note taking and other interesting uses one Must-Have in your device, all a Swiss Army knife in your field. 

30) WiFi Fixer

An auto attendant to repair problems with the WiFi on various android devices, it runs in the background and is OpenSource. 

Pylons: Netflix / Youtube

The famous entertainment service on a subscription OnDemand is one of the advantages that you can enjoy from your android device … On the other hand there is nothing better than the official Youtube application for watching videos on mobile without compatibility problems with browsers you to manage the device. 

Extra:Barcode Scanner

A reader / scanner for QR codes, from bars and the like, very good and useful on mobile devices with rear camera.

Finishing …

Other apps like the movie listings or maps of subway lines in your country are not bad either, radio tuners or reporteadores climate … In Android there are many apps ready for you to download it and use it.It’s amazing how every day tablet and smartphones are taking more and more shape as massive use devices in our society and every day we see more and more apps created to meet specific needs of each type of user out there.

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