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4.6 million Snapchat users data hacked

Posted In News - By DailyAndroidNews on Thursday, January 2nd, 2014 With No Comments »

Hackers manage to hack accounts 4.6 million the sixth most downloaded app of Google after a Australian security firm warned of a flaw in your privacy. 

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User names and phone numbers of 4.6 million users Snapchat were hacked and exposed online.

Snapchat is the sixth most downloaded app of Google and its security system had been challenged recently by the Australian company security expert Gibson Security.

It is a mobile application that allows users to communicate by sending text and images are deleted seconds later.

The web, created for the occasion by a group of hackers, put in front of any Internet private information of the users of the application.

Yes, the pirates were careful to censor the past two phone numbers each.

The web address has already been closed. By accessing she appears a single line of information: “This account has been suspended.”

However, data is still available in a cached page, as the BBC found.

An error with warning

This intrusion into the privacy of users Snapchat comes after the Australian Security company alerted Gibson on December 25 for the second time in a number of weaknesses in the system’s privacy page.

“We know nothing about Snapchat DB but it was matter of time before something like this happened,” said the signature on his Twitter account.

The hackers behind the site that issued the phone said they used the recesses of vulnerability identified by Gibson Security.

“We used a modified version of the method explained by Gibson Security intrusion” say in the technology blog Tech Crunch.

Snapchat’s popularity has grown exponentially in recent months among children under 25 years.

Snapchat is a network that, together with Whatsapp and WeChat most popular in 2013.

The Achilles heel

Evan Spiegel, 23 Snapchat founded in 2011.

The hackers used nook that was a bug in the function called “Find Friends” that allows users to find acquaintances who also use the application up data on your agenda.

It is the same gap that experts said Gibson Security on Christmas Day.

The security company had already made a first warning to Snapchat four months ago. At the first warning reported that they had been able to access thousands of phone numbers of users Snapchat “in about seven minutes through a broadband line gigabit”.

Snapchat recognized this potential flaw in his system but said it had taken steps to protect user data.

“Over the past year we have implemented various security systems to make it more difficult. Recently added additional steps to ensure we combat spam and other abuses, “their website says.

In any case, the hackers behind Snapchat DB, said that these measures were not strong enough.

Even now the fault persists and you can access the application data, they said.

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