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5 Tips to improve the performance of your Android Device

Posted In HOW TO DO! - By DailyAndroidNews on Sunday, October 13th, 2013 With No Comments »

Android is a great mobile OS, that’s for sure. You can do everything and practically your mobile (cellular, tablet) today can largely meet even your laptop / desktop pc, depending on what you use each device, obviously. , however, (like everything in life) Android can be improved , so here we are 5 tips to improve the performance of your Android device: 

1) Check out the apps to start with the application startup managercan see which applications and services are added to the start of your device, and remove them. Just as in Windows (to cite just one example) if there are several items that load at system boot it will load slower not only on power but also consume more memory. many android apps (especially the social services) tend to have processes running in the background from startup if you’re not taking your application, so the notifications; Maybe you like to have active Facebook and Twitter, but what if you do not want processes like Google Plus you consume memory? In that case, remove the boot allows you to have better performance. 

2) A Task Killer Personally I really like the task killers, but because the widget of advanced task killer (and I mean specific to the widget) is a good resource when you want free phone memory without making a reload of the Android UI questions quickly. 

3) Fast Reboot the same turn that the widget that I speak up, Fast Reboot is a totally must-have for me because it allows a substantial improvement the performance of the phone making an instant reboot system processes including Android UI. This is summarized in a performance improvement on the device instantly. 

4) Seeder This is an application that feeds the system entropy so that allows processes that are larger than this will run faster. Use of this app is summarized in a substantial reduction of the interface lag with Android 2.x devices more than anything (which is where most noticeable) While you can still be useful for devices with other versions but the change is not as noticeable as in the first.

5) Lagfix Another app to remove the lag but this time more focused on new devices (but can still be used in the above) the problem here is that it can be dangerous for some devices causing them to “ladrillen “without more. In order to enable lagfix have to first make brickbug test and if your device is not affected lagfix can use without any problems. those are my 5 tips to improve the performance of your android device, in my case with the Xperia Play that I have been all worked pretty well … Any other tip that can give us?

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