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8 Tips for choosing a good Smartphone / Tablet

Posted In HOW TO DO!, News - By DailyAndroidNews on Sunday, October 13th, 2013 With No Comments »

How to choose the best smartphone / tablet for you? 

Today, the sale of devices like smartphones and tablets is gripping enough force worldwide, and while we talked about how to choose the best computer before, this post will be focused on smartphones and tablets. comes a time when we have to buy us one, the digital age demands. Sometimes we have a tight budget, sometimes we have more than enough. Choose a Smartphone or tablet is not an easy task, do not be fooled . Nor meaner cheaper nor more expensive is best, there are certain indicators that you have to take into account beyond price, brand or presentation to buy one of these devices, see the list: 

1. – Will the use you would give Currently there are many devices on the market, and although they all do the same job (in quotes) are subtleties that define the use for which the device will perform better. If you want to take pictures / video mainly looking for a good camera (5MP up) and good storage space both internal and external ability to increase such. ? Mails and Documents Checkup? Find a screen comfortably large. ? Games? Looking for a good processor … etc. In short, look for the primary use of your device and focus on choosing the best accordingly. 

2. – Operating System The main current players are Android and iOS , for else, no way. Search any device that supports any of these systems. Which? Depends: Do you like iTunes?Are you familiar with what Apple does? Use iOS. Nothing of the above? go for an Android. It is also important to consider whether you will buy a device relatively new or slightly more antigüo. iOS seems to have better service and life updates for their Android devices antigüos. Another thing to consider is if you use Linux, Windows or Mac While Android gets along well on all platforms in terms of synchronization with the computer, iOS focuses on Mac, Windows and down is to end, we have Linux, where there is no direct support (but rather community). The operating system version is also important, since (although only software) assumes an important feature that the more new (believe it or not) will give you more functionality to your device despite its limitations in hardware for example. 

3. – Battery Now we start with the specs! The most important of all is the battery obviously, because in these devices, most of the time does not last long. Try to find a device with a good amount of battery available, you will not get the say in hours , ask the specifications in microamperes . From 2000 mAh to 5000 mAh , keep the second for example. 2,000 is a common number in devices like tablets and smartphones, from 2000-3500 stripe on the average , however, are devices from 5,000 mAh which should look as more battery, you can better use give your device …Remember that the more intelligent, more energy consumed . 

4. – RAM The next aspect to check is the RAM of the device … A more RAM, more tasks may be done at the same time and more fluid everything.Browse devices with 512MB RAM up , never less than this. 

5. – Processor When you select a device of this type, always keep in mind the processor contains. A more Ghz (GigaHertz) the faster, what you see in a device much more responsive and fast for everything in general. A device 1Ghz up in this decision should be specified, and checks whether the processor is a core or dual-core, more cores better . 

6. – MultiTouch Capabilities always seeks capable devices multitouch , (this means that can be used with several fingers at a time) as there are some that have a somewhat lower price, sacrifice this feature and that is something that is made ​​then less later. 

7. – Connectivity Focus on getting the device offer better connectivity: 3G, WiFi, MicroSD , and ability to connect USB storage devices are any device that features decent (especially talking about tablets) should have. Believe it or not, the more you use your tablet or smartphone connectivity require significant capabilities over time. 

8. – Storage Finally, I recommend you check the storage capacities have your device. Although it is a feature that can vary in interest to one or the other, is something that we all take and the more space the better. If the device you buy is low on space, consider buying an SD for example to expand its capabilities.

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