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A brief look at Google Chrome OS, a great look to Gphone OS.

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In case you did not know, “Android” is the OS included in the famous Gphone, (now there are different android models including but T-Mobile is the Gphone Original) this new mobile operating system is quite efficient, unfortunately , not everyone can enjoy a android phone included, because they are not yet distributed in some countries. 
Live Android is a new project in a nutshell plans to bring Android to power computers. By the time the project is very “green” and more than a working operating system is described by its creators as “a toy” Live With Android, you can try “Android” on your computer in either a virtual machine or a LiveCD, but the file creation process. ISO is quite laborious, but thanks to the assistance provided to the project SYSTEMS XENODE now Live Android is 100% at your fingertips in an easy, quick and free obviously. We have created the LIVE ANDROID KIT, which includes: -ISO LIVE ANDROID (v0.2) -VirtualBox SIV -INFRA-RECORDER SIV -UNetBootin Portable Live-Android Guide (in English) So if you want to try ANDROID on your computer just download the Live Android Kit from here , burn the ISO to suit your needs (preferably on a CD so you can try it without installing android live by simply starting the computer from the CD) or try with VirtualBox and enjoy Live Android, which will give you a small idea of what would be an operating system created by Google and a great idea of how the interface looks Gphone.

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