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A WSJ Report Adds Fuel To The “Rugged” SIV Rumour

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Friday, April 26th, 2013 With No Comments »


A report surfaced today via the Wall Street Journal which points to a collection of new unannounced Samsung devices that could on the way.  These devices include the Galaxy SIV Active, Galaxy SIV Mini, and a mysterious 8 inch tablet.

According to the report, the SIV Active is one in the same with the “rugged” SIV that Samsung Gulf President mentioned the other day.  It is also apparently part of Project J, which was the internal  code name for the Galaxy SIV, and could very well be the Project J Active device that was listed in a leak of Project J devices.  Contrary to my predictions, it seems that this “rugged” SIV will indeed be a “S” phone and not a “Rugby” device.  According to the source, Samsung wants to “maintain the look and fell of the S4″ while adding the waterproofing and dust proofing.  The most interesting tidbit about this phone is that it could debut as early as July!

The SIV Mini wasn’t actually mentioned by name but the report stated a “compact version” of the SIV would come out with a 4.3″ display.  That definitely follows the info that has been leaked so far regarding the device so it seems like they’re one in the same.  This device will also see a July launch according to the source.

Rounding out the trio of mystery is a unnamed 8-inch tablet.  The only 8-incher in Samsung’s line up currently is the recently released Galaxy Note 8.0.  This device is said to be in the Galaxy line as well but will likely fall into the Tab family.  Speculation is that this will be the Galaxy Tab 3 which means that Samsung may be leaving the 7″ market behind in favour of slightly larger 8″ devices.  This would definitely make them unique in the Android market as we currently have predominantly 7″ or 10″ devices.  In terms of availability, this one is to be the first one out as it’s slated for June.

Now, keep in mind that these are all rumours so take it with a grain of salt.  However, none of them are outrageous and all seem very plausible.  We’ll keep an eye on these rumours as these devices could very well make their ways to Canada.


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