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Amazon SNS with Mobile Push unveiled as cross-platform notification service

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Tuesday, August 13th, 2013 With No Comments »

Amazon, through Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced a new push notification solution for developers. This is arriving as the Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) with Mobile Push and it is described as being fast, fully managed and cross platform. And perhaps the icing on the cake for some developers, Amazon has said this can be used to send up to one million notifications per month without incurring any cost.


Taking that a step further and the next million will only set developers back $1.00. Amazon describes the second million notifications as being $0.50 for every million published and $0.50 for every million delivered — making the total cost of $1.00 per million. Amazon has said this can be implemented with a single API and once in place developers will be able to send notifications to Android devices as well as Kindle Fire and iOS devices.

Further details from Amazon tell the story about how this can be used to send messages to individual users or to broadcast the same message to many devices at the same time. Mobile Push was built into the Simple Notification Service (SNS), which is what many developers are already using to notify customers using email or text-messaging. Amazon has also said this setup is available as of today and in all public Amazon Web Services (AWS) regions.

Bottom line here, Amazon has taken yet another step towards making things easier on the developer. Otherwise, looking outside of the push notifications and we have been seeing quite bit from Amazon lately. Well, more specifically, quite a bit of rumors regarding Amazon lately.

Just in the past week alone we have seen talk of new Kindle Fire devices and talk of an Android game system. The Kindle Fire refresh is sort of expected this time of year, but perhaps a bit more interesting is the gaming system. The Android console game market seems to be a heating up lately and we now have more than a few players including OUYA and GamePop. The one advantage Amazon could have is the fact they already have a solid app store in place. That being said, the rumors are currently pointing towards a late-2013 arrival.

SOURCE: Amazon

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