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Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Update starts rolling out for Galaxy S III

Posted In News, Reviews - By DailyAndroidNews on Monday, December 23rd, 2013 With 1 Comment

samsung-galaxy-s3 getting android 4.3

Samsung has already slowed the update to Android 4.3 for the Samsung Galaxy S3 at different times. So many that we lost count of the number of times that the data packet has been restarted his career. The fact is that in the last hours, the Korean company has launched yet again sending the data packet to allow users of this device enjoy this new edition of the platform . The update started a few weeks ago for Samsung Galaxy S3 that were located in different parts of the world, but due to some technical problems, the update was stopped and instead of enjoying Android 4.3 , started receiving the update to Android 4.1.2 . The reasons were clear. Those who had the opportunity to install it on their computers suffered all kinds of problems: An excessive battery drain , blocking some functions and repeated reboots for no apparent reason.


But how do we know that the upgrade to Android 4.3 is ready for download? Because in the last few hours have been many users who have raised their hands to announce that the data packet was almost definitely ready for them. The first to receive users have been residing in the United States and have their Samsung Galaxy S3 linked to carriers like  Verizon and Cricket . Moreover, the international version of this device (which are holding European users, and therefore, the Spanish) would also be receiving a corresponding portion of Android, but at this time it is still unclear which countries or markets would the lucky ones.


The update to Android 4.3 for the Samsung Galaxy S3 brings many performance-related and safety improvements. These features are fundamental in any data packet, we need to add support for the Samsung Galaxy Gear , which will allow users to seamlessly use the newly introduced smart watch Samsung . And that is not the thing. Users who update will also enjoy some interface changes, from now much more customizable. It has introduced a new model of visual organization for the section of settings and various extra features like the Driving Mode , a feature that helps us to drive and use GPS services in a more secure manner; optimization assistant S Voice , the system adjustment for screen Display Adapt, the new function Sound & Shot for the camera and the ability to move to SD card.

If you are also awaiting the update to Android 4.3 for your Samsung Galaxy S3 , we recommend the following:

1) Wait carefully notification should reach you the terminal and notify you of their availability. If you do not receive it, go to section Configuration> Settings and check what version you have installed. Clicking this space should be able to check to see if a new update is ready in the chamber.

2) Before performing the update (probably via OTA), make sure you have charged the battery from the computer to the maximum, at least 80%.

3) Connect to a WiFi network for secure downloading. Being packages fairly heavy data, it would be interesting you counted with a secure connection . Any interruption in the download or installation process could be fatal to the device.

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