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Android Basics (ROM, Kernel, Recovery, Root)

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Android, albeit an operating system based on Linux and open source therefore has a protection so that users can modify various parameters of importance of the devices, this is done to protect the integrity of the system. To remove this security need to give us certain privileges, this is known as “rooting” the system, although that word does not exist, and the correct definition would give us access to super user or root access. these accesses need to give us some programs, for example, for version 2.2 (Froyo) of Android can use z4root, which is compatible with many devices. Note: This is for information only, not to say that having Android 2.2 version can be root with this program depends on the cell we have. There are many programs to give root access, for example, SuperOneClick, Gingerbreak and z4root, although I know there are several more.

ROMs When we talk about a ROM, we are talking about a read only memory. This comes from the late 80s when PCs had their operating system engraved on one of these memories, to update the operating system needed to change the ROM. On Android, a ROM is a zip file containing all the data operating system to install a new ROM, we can give our device functions had not originally, such as better management of RAM, enabling the swap partition, use part of the SD card and phone memory, etc. … In order to install a new ROM on our devices need to install before has a “Recovery”.

Recovery The Recovery is a part of the system that allows you to install a ROM. The recovery that come standard has little uility, for example, in the LG p500h, only allows “reinstalled” original ROM. This part of the system can be changed by installing another recovery that has more functions, such as installing a ROM Custom or partition the memory card. Both used are ClockworkMod recovery and Amonra, how to install these may vary depending on phone.

Kernel The kernel is the one responsible for managing all system resources, all hardware and their functions. Installing a new version of the kernel, we can obtain much better results in the management of our cell. The kernel is the core of the operating system, as in most versions of Linux (do not know if there is not), the kernel separated from the operating system itself, in that way you can update the kernel without needing to reinstall the operating system. This phone is a very useful, since we can update the kernel without losing the data we had. For example, some phones have a default kernel has problems with touch driver, if we found someone who could better manage this resource update and not lose data. To update the kernel we have installed different from the original recovery and have the kernel saved in our memory card, the shape is very similar to installing a new ROM

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