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Android Community Nightly: December 11th, 2012

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Today was a fun-filled Tuesday so lets jump right into the news of the day starting with YouTube getting a snazzy new UI for 10-inch tablets. Then HTC announced another budget device called the HTC One SV, because they’re running out of better names. Then Angry Birds turned 3 today and are celebrating with 30 new levels. More news from today after the break.

Then as usual Samsung was in the news multiple times today. Starting with the fact that they won’t be announcing any significant smartphones like their Galaxy S IV at CES — which was sort of expected. Then Samsung announced they’re leading the global market sales for connected devices, as well as started the update for the AT&T Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE to ICS. Oh and the Galaxy Camera is headed to Verizon with 4G LTE in a few days for $549.

Google’s CEO Larry Page was in the news today talking about Google Wallet, Motorola Nexus devices, and the competition. That’s certainly worth reading! At the same time Apple’s huge evangelist from the 80′s Guy Kawasaki told the world why he prefers Android. We’d have to agree with him across all points. While we’re talking about Google, their Nexus 7 is being offered up by the Financial Times free with a new subscription.

Now to round up some random news for you all today Hulu Plus was updated with Hulu Kids — for kids. Barnes & Noble is giving away a free book with every NOOK book purchased for the holiday spirit, and Yahoo! Mail was updated for Android. Ending on a few good notes here HTC’s Jelly Bean update plans were dropped to the web — sadly the Rezound isn’t included — and if we had to guess Jelly Bean is coming soon for Verizon’s Galaxy S III.

Check out the rest of the site for everything else. Have a nice Tuesday evening!

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