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Android Community Weekly: December 16th, 2012

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Monday, December 17th, 2012 With No Comments »

It was another exciting and long week around these parts, but things are getting interesting in the world of Mobile just in time for the holiday season. Then we have CES coming up early next year that will surely ease many hearts and minds, as well as make a few new smartphone buyers envious of what’s coming soon. Below we’ll have a quick rundown on some of the important Android news from the past week.


It was another crazy week filled with leaks, rumors, devices with 1080p HD displays, and of course plenty from Google. The folks from Mountain View had a pretty big week this week with comments from Google’s Andy Rubin, Eric Schmidt had a few interviews with racy comments and more. It was an exciting week to be a DROID fan so lets dig in.

Starting with Google, they released Maps for iOS — wait wrong blog.. Good for Apple, but this is about Android. For one Google+ got a massive update that everyone’s loving, they updated their Calendar app with expandable notifications and more, and are even aiming to curb accidental ad clicks on mobile. Google Now got another update, Google’s set to sell 1 million Nexus 7′s in December, and Google’s own Eric Schmidt enjoyed some stage time saying “we’re winning the war” against Apple. He even talked about the lawsuits earlier this week too.


Samsung had a crazy fun week with all sorts of leaks, rumors, announcements, and updates. First off we’re hearing they won’t have any big news about their Galaxy S4 at CES, but a 6.3-inch Galaxy Note III is rumored for next year. Talk about too big. Motorola is attacking Samsung in some new ads, but they aren’t scared. The Galaxy Camera is available from Verizon with 4G LTE, and the biggest news of all — Verizon’s Galaxy S III got Jelly Bean this weekend. Hurray!

The Galaxy Note II from Verizon got a bootloader unlock, and we’re hearing a pretty massive exploit was found in Samsung’s Exynos kernel — but we’ll be talking more about that next week. Now for some random bits of news that was fun and important this past week. Motorola updated the Atrix HD to Jelly Bean, Falcon Pro received another awesome update making it the best Twitter app around, and then Facebook got a whole lot better. Facebook finally released their native app for Android, and Facebook for Android is now essentially twice as fast and a much better overall experience. About darn time!

Now to end on a few fun notes there’s a huge (and likely BS) rumor that Intel is looking to acquire NVIDIA, the official Nexus 7 dock from ASUS is hopefully coming soon, and even Apple legend Guy Kawasaki prefers Android. Nuff said! Read through Android Community to catch up on anything else that you might have missed. My Packers are champs, so I’m happy.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. See you tomorrow!

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