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Android powered Adidas miCoach SMART RUN watch announced

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Thursday, October 17th, 2013 With No Comments »

If you were frustrated by Nike’s shunning of Android with the newest version of their Fuelband, you’re not alone. While Nike continues on their iOS crusade, Adidas has stepped up and provided a great alternative, the miCoach SMART RUN.


With the SMART RUN, users will have a standalone device that monitors heart rate, track steps with an accelerometer, even play music with the built-in MP3 player. The smartwatch will have 3GB of the 4GB total storage dedicated to your music, so there’s little chance of running into the same song twice. The wristband even has Bluetooth capability for a truly un-tethered experience.

The 1.45-inch screen is 184 x 184 pixels, and operates under capacitive touch. It runs Android 4.1.1, and has three different battery modes. The three modes are meant to improve battery life by throttling power when compared to the activity level you’re at. If you’re casually walking around or not doing much, the SMART RUN won’t bother collecting your health data. That’s juxtaposed by “marathon mode”, which checks up on you every five seconds or so.


The battery is a 410 mAh Lithium Ion battery that Adidas claims will last a full two weeks on the lowest setting, “casual mode”. They’re also saying the watch will take no longer than 4 hours to charge back up from completely juiced.

As you may expect, the SMART RUN also has a GPS and accelerometer. It will work with Adidas’ Android apps to provide a richer training experience, pacing you and suggesting you do things like speed up or slow down on runs. The miCoach website acts as a hub for users to customize their workout and further motivate themselves to do more.

The miCoach SMART RUN will be available from November 1st on the Adidas website. Though the price tag is a bit steep — $399 — it’s a different kind of device. Use it solo, in conjunction with an Android app, or with the miCoach website. However you want to push yourself, Adidas is there to help.

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