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Angry Birds Star Wars II “Join The Pork Side” detailed by Rovio

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Friday, August 23rd, 2013 With No Comments »

Rovio began teasing the “brand new” Angry Birds Star Wars release back in mid-July. That teasing was then followed-up with an official announcement. At that time we learned that Angry Birds Star Wars II was going to be released in September and with support for Hasbro’s TELEPODS. Well, flash forward till today and we now have the first “Join The Pork Side” video.


The video is on the shorter side and clocks in at a little more than a minute in length. It does however invite potential players to Join The Pork Side. Of course, there is also the bit about it being a teaser and in this case — it does just what is expected and leaves us wanting more. Without further adieu, that video is sitting below.

Those of you who made it through to the end of the video likely saw the voice work being done. For those who missed that bit, the Join The Pork Side video was voiced by the Emperor from the Star Wars films, Ian McDiarmid.

In addition to that teaser, Rovio also released a second video. This other is a “making-of” style video and gives a behind the scenes look (you also get to see Ian McDiarmid use the Force). Teaser and behind the scenes video aside, Rovio has re-confirmed the release date of September 19th and also touched on the pricing.

The game will be available for Android by way of the Google Play Store and the Amazon Appstore and it will be selling for $0.99. There will also be an ad-supported version available for free.

Outside of the pricing and release date details, there is also word about how the game will include bird and pig versions of over 30 characters from the Star Wars universe. Rovio plans to unveil these characters over the next few weeks with the first introduction promised to arrive on August 26th. Lastly, as for that bit about joining the porks side, that means you will be able to play as the piggies, which is a first for any Angry Birds game.


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