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Anyone Need Infinite Cloud Storage For $10 A Month?

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Wednesday, February 6th, 2013 With No Comments »


Companies keep seeming to one-up one another in the cloud storage market as we’ve seen Google and Box up their free storage quota to 5GB, then Mega with its 50GB offer. Apparently, there’s room in the market for an even better deal, and today we saw that with newcomer Bitcasa.

The company is offering a free 10GB of storage, but for those that demand more, the company will let you store as much as you want on its servers for a measly $10 a month. Even better, if you pay for one year up front in February, infinite storage for 12 months can be yours for the low price of $69, a limited offer discount compared to its regular price of $99 per year.

The company has released Infinite Drive, something that will automatically back up your drives and encrypt your data in the cloud.

If you’re asking why this news is coming to you via Android in Canada, well you guessed it, the service can be accessed with its very own Android app. In fact, in addition to Android, users can access their cloud drive on iOS, Windows, Windows RT, OSX, and the web.

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