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Apple accept your Android or BlackBerry in exchange for iPhone

Posted In News - By AndroidNews on Wednesday, April 1st, 2015 With No Comments »

Technological give credits for iPhones 5C, 6 and 6 Plus to give teams from other firms; in Mexico, the swap program operates from February in any Apple store.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) – Are you tired of your Android phone, BlackBerry or Windows? ¿Envidias an iPhone? Well, Apple has you an offer: You can now redeem yoursmartphone no iPhone in an Apple store in exchange for a loan for a new iPhone. In the past, Apple iPhones only accepted as an exchange, you entregabas the old model as part payment of the new model.

But only phones “selected” may be taken to account in this exchange, and only get credit if you go in person to a physical store of Apple. On the Internet, you can exchange old iPhones in exchange for credit. In Mexico, this program operates since last February swaps at any Apple Store, according to CNNExpansión assured branches.

In an Apple Store you can give your Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone for credit for an iPhone 5C, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. ( If you want an Apple Watch does not apply , you’ll pay full price).

Why Apple’s market value will not know for smartphonesdelivered as part payment. The Apple Store employees will determine how much the phone that you deliver on account.

In any case, do not expect to get for these smartphones the same as you would get from an old iPhone, as demand for iPhones recycled is much greater, so smartphones Apple retain their value longer than the devices that are not iPhones .

Also beware: Although the Apple store could be a convenient way to make the change, Apple will probably not offer the best deal.

Apple pays $ 85 for an iPhone 5 16GB unlocked two years. But you can get up to $ 130 for the same phone in Gazelle, Amazon or other companies that recycle phones.

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