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Apple Introduces iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks

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This morning Apple introduced its new operating system Mavericks for Mac OS X and iOS for iPhone , the Mac Book Air , News Safari as integration with social networking controller objects through iOS and applications that provide a more intuitive and safe for its users as iCloud keychain , a renewed platform maps and iTunes Radio in World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2013 which will be held from today until June 14 in San Francisco, California .

He opened the event Tim Cook, CEO of Apple , announcing that next month the App Store celebrates its fifth birthday and so far now over 50 billion applications have been downloaded, including 375 000 made ​​specifically for the iPad (” That compares with only a few hundred of the other guys “jokes Cook).

“Apple has paid developers 10 billion, only $ 5 million in the last year. That’s three times more than all other platforms combined, for example, Android has paid 20 percent of total revenue downloading the application, and “other” represents 6 percent, “he said.

Anki Drive is the first product that had a driver other devices that are controlled by iOS devices, as exemplified by a set of cars that are controlled via Bluetooth. The cars tracking your position on the track and are controlled by an iOS device, thousands of potential actions are analyzed each second.

On the other hand, announced iCloud keychain “to be safe these days, you want a different complex password for each service. iCloud can remember user names websites, credit card numbers, and more – always encrypted and available, “he said.

Tagging . In addition to providing a location and a name to a document, you can dial. You can label things wherever they are, whether they are in iCloud or share files, and you will appear in the Finder.

They presented the Mac Book Air with duration of 9 to 12 hours of battery life for greater independence of the equipment and are now on sale in the U.S. now.

iOS 7

Tim Cook, Apple’s Director General said Apple has sold 600 million iOS devices to date. “People are using our products substantially,” he said.

He said that Apple has a 9 awards consecutive JD Power customer satisfaction, and has 97% of global satisfaction iOS. Also, 93 percent of the installed base of iOS in iOS 6, while more than a third of Android users are using an operating system released in 2010, in comparison.

The iOS 7 have a new design from typography, on the screen, “is ideal for everyday applications, such as messages, calendar, email,” he said.

iOS in the car is a feature that allows you to access apps like maps, messages and more with free eyes on the dashboard of your car.

Safari: It has a great look to full screen. Tap the top and you can get a smart search field, a new tabbed interface, iCloud keychain as Mavericks.

Application of photos: moments are organized using these data are gathered in collections, such as a trip to San Francisco with photos in several different places. You can also search photos by year. Sights are removed.

iTunes Radio

Officially showed a demo of iTunes Radio Music application and the display displays the songs that are trending on Twitter, and customize lists, even with a single artist, will be available for iOS, PC and Apple TV.

iTunes Radio is free but contains ads or you can choose a paid version without commercials.

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