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Are These Galaxy S IV Cases Legitimate?

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Friday, February 22nd, 2013 With No Comments »

S4 Cases

The Galaxy S IV isn’t too far off but it’s been pretty well sheltered by Samsung.  Several rumours have surfaced over the last few months but nothing substantial has really come to the forefront in terms of specs or design (I’m not yet convinced Samsung won’t use the Octo-Cores).

Well here’s another rumour to throw into the pile.  A British accessory retailer claims that the cases above are for the upcoming Galaxy S IV.  According to the retailer, the image was leaked by their suppliers over in China.

I for one am not convinced at all as we’ve seen this circus several times before, especially with each new iPhone.  However, in the off chance that these are legitimate, the SIV will have reverted back to the rectangular style that we saw on the original SII (i9100 model).  Personally, that was actually my favourite Galaxy S device design wise.  However, if the Galaxy S IV does come with the rumoured 5″ display, a very sharp edged rectangular phone may not be the most comfortable to hold.

What do you guys think about this “leak.”  Is it worth giving any thought?


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