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AT&T continues the 4G LTE rollout with 10 new markets

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Wednesday, July 31st, 2013 With No Comments »

The folks from AT&T have been touting that lightning fast 4G LTE network lately, and this morning they’ve confirmed another 10 markets and locations are getting the green light for faster speeds. After initially launching their 4G LTE network expansion later than Verizon, they’ve been pretty busy upgrading their coverage, and today’s no different. We have the full list below.


Between having a record number of smartphone sales for Q2 of 2013, adding some new Mobile Share Plans, and their new “Next” upgrade plan, AT&T’s been busy this month. And now to add even more to it they’ve launched 4G LTE in 10 additional markets.

It looks like most of the new regions getting faster speeds are in the midwest, but surely you’ll all take what you can get right? From Oklahoma to Georgia here’s the list of the 10 new spots according to AT&T’s newsroom.

– Marthas Vineyard, Massachusets
– Durant, Oklahoma
– Enid, Oklahoma
– Ardmore, Ada, Oklahoma
– Arkadelphia, Arkansas
– Russellville, Arkansas
– Ponca City, Oklahoma
– Charleston, West Virginia
– Cedartown, Georgia
– Rome, Georgia

During their Q2 earnings call AT&T confirmed they’re on track for their LTE goal for 2013, and will reach 400 markets by the end of this year. They then went on to mention that by mid-2014 their entire 4G LTE expansion will be complete. Now that we’re seeing towns I’ve never heard of (like Arkadelphia) get 4G LTE, it’s safe to assume all the major areas have already been updated, and now they are focusing efforts on rural markets.

If you’re in one of those locations do you have LTE this afternoon?

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