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AT&T drops all smartphones to half off for rest of June

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Tuesday, June 25th, 2013 With No Comments »

If you’re in the market for a new smartphone this summer, the folks from AT&T are hoping to steal a few potential customers over to the blue side with their stellar summer sale. What is it? All smartphones are currently half off for the rest of the month. You only have a few more days to decide, but devices like the Galaxy S 4 orHTC One are half off, and they’re even waiving activation fees. Crazy right?

Image ATT-Mobile-Phone-Wireless-Logo-Store-Window-540x3041212311121.jpg

This little deal isn’t just for a few mediocre smartphones from AT&T. They are offering 50% off of ALL of their devices, including all the top sellers and flagship phones. Being able to snag the Galaxy S4 from AT&T for $99, instead of $199 from others sure sounds nice right about now. Then you can spend that extra cash for games to enjoy this summer, or for a 6-pack to take to the pool.

So obviously these types of deals are for people signing new contracts, as they aren’t in the business of giving phones away for free. What’s important though is you don’t have to sign a 2-year contract to get the 50% off deal. They’ll give the same discount for those signing a 1-year deal too, at least according to reports. So that essentially means you can pay a bit more than you normally would for a 2-year contract price, and only be locked in for 12 months. Yes please! I’d get that Galaxy S4 for $249, sign a 1-year contract, and it’ll be up next year in time for the next wave of flagship phones.

Image Screen-Shot-2013-06-25-at-11.24.16-AM-540x269.png

We’re unable to get the 1-year option online, but have received a few tips that people have been able to do both 1 and 2 year deals. The screenshot above shows the 50% discount, as well as the activation fee being waved. This is a pretty stellar deal AT&T. Now we’re just wondering why.

AT&T is offering this 50% sale for the rest of June, so you only have a few more days to hurry and decide what you’d like to do. A few great options is the Galaxy S 4, the HTC One, or even the recently lowered Optimus G Pro that is now $99. That means with this deal you’ll get that 5.5-inch flagship LG phone for $50 bones. Hurry and get in while it lasts.

Image ATT-Mobile-Phone-Wireless-Logo-Store-Window-540x3041212311121-150x150.jpg Image Screen-Shot-2013-06-25-at-11.24.16-AM-150x150.png  Image Screen-Shot-2013-06-25-at-11.21.32-AM-150x150.png

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