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AT&T LTE goes live in six new markets with big push coming this summer

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Wednesday, April 10th, 2013 With No Comments »

It seems like AT&T has been doing quite a bit of growth in terms of LTE coverage these past few months. We saw several LTE expansion announcements during the month of March and have already seen one this month. That previous announcement arrived on April 3 and detailed coverage in 14 new markets across 11 states. As of today we have word of six additional markets.


This latest round of coverage also deals with several states. This time the AT&T LTE coverage is rolling into Napa, California; Santa Rosa-Petaluma, California; Kalamazoo, Michigan; Rocky Mount, North Carolina; Orangeburg, South Carolina and Jackson, Tennessee. Basically, those in any of these areas can now begin to look for 4G LTE coverage.

And for those with an upgrade available, make sure you are now looking at LTE capable handsets — of which AT&T has plenty, including the soon to be released HTC One. Those considering that handset may benefit from reading our recently published review. Moving forward and it looks like AT&T has plenty of coverage in the works for the summer months.

We have yet to see a specific timeline for the summer rollout, however we do know that it will mean coverage for an additional 77 markets. Of those markets ready to come online during the summer, the coverage looks to be spread across multiple stats including Alabama, California, Delaware, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, New York, Texas and Wyoming.

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