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AT&T Samsung Galaxy S 4 in Aurora Red out now

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Wednesday, June 19th, 2013 With No Comments »

Only just recently we discussed how Samsung was looking into switching it up color-wise for their Galaxy S 4 Line, and now AT&T has come in with their brand new “Aurora Red” paintcode. Spicing up (most literally) the S 4, this vibrant red is only available to AT&T customers on a two year agreement for $199, or can be picked up on its own, off contract, for $639.99.


The Samsung Galaxy S 4 AT&T “Aurora Red” edition comes with all the same specs as the standard S 4. We loved the S 4′s ease of use, it’s versatility in terms of apps, its incredible speed, and the fact that’s so lightweight. It’s durable design was also well praised, and we doubt that a color change will do anything to change that.

Most recently, there have been hints that Samsung would offer the Galaxy S 4 in more colors. The new red color from AT&T does confirm that more variants are on the way, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see some really interesting colors popping in our pockets. If you’re not into waiting, ColorWare currently offers your own custom S 4 colors… at a magnificent $1000 a pop, not including price of the phone itself.

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 AT&T Aurora Red Edition can be picked up now at any AT&T or Samsung certified retailer. If you’re not into red, we suggest playing that aforementioned waiting game; There could be something different in store for you. What colors would you most like to see?

SOURCE: Samsung

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