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AT&T’s latest trade-in program tempts users with discounted smartphones

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Tuesday, April 30th, 2013 With No Comments »

AT&T has announced details of their latest device trade-in program. This one is set to kick off on May 1st and is promising that users will get “at least” $100 off the purchase of a new smartphone. Basically, depending on the price of the handset you are buying, this could mean anything from a deep discount to free.


AT&T has said this promotion will apply to any smartphone they are currently selling. This means if you trade-in your current device you would be able to grab some of those recently released devices for just $99.99. That would include the Samsung GALAXY S 4 and the HTC One. Or alternatively, those looking to the HTC First, your device would be free.

Of course, the usual rules still apply in that all new devices are coming with a two-year agreement. Otherwise, those considering taking AT&T up on this offer will need to visit an AT&T company-owned retail store or one of the participating authorized dealers. Also worth noting, the phone you are trading in cannot be more than three years old.

The $100 credit for your trade-in can be used immediately and in the case that your trade-in device happens to be worth more than $100 — AT&T has said you will “receive the credit at the higher value.” Final details show that you will be able to trade-in devices that are not from AT&T and that trade-in credits can also be used toward an accessory purchase or an existing bill.

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