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Experts : Apple copied IOS 7 from Android

By DailyAndroidNews | OnWednesday, June 12th, 2013 - No Comments »

Experts point out that several features in the new Apple system have already been implemented by the competition, such as multitasking and notifications resources with the screen locked Apple iOS 7: Android copycat? SAN FRANCISCO. – Both investors and Apple fans claimed for months the launch of a groundbreaking product, but after the revelations made ​​by the company on Monday in San Francisco, were in the air a certain feeling of disappointment. The parade of new products was led by. 

LG considering the elimination of the Optimus high end brand?

By DailyAndroidNews | OnTuesday, June 11th, 2013 - No Comments »

In a shocking move, akin to Toyota shutting down its Lexus division, LG is supposedly in talks to shutter the doors of the Optimus nameplate on their higher end devices. The Korean company is well known for making devices that are already on the higher end of the spectrum, but just like the previously mentioned Toyota/Lexus relationship, “Optimus” is their current high end brand. As we know, brand names aren’t everything though, or are they?   GALAXY is a big brand name, so we’re questioning. 

Download the latest Google Play Store

By DailyAndroidNews | OnSunday, June 9th, 2013 - No Comments »

Google has just released the new version of Google Play, the app store, music videos and accessible by all Android devices. This is a minor jump as we move from version 4.1.6 to 4.1.10 .Expect the usual bug fixes, some rough edges smoothed, improved performance and little else. To update Google Play no more have to wait to do it yourself, or you can download the package directly from the link below. It is completely safe and free of malware, and you will have trouble later the store will. 

10 easy steps to optimize and speed up your android phone

By DailyAndroidNews | OnSunday, June 9th, 2013 - No Comments »

For iPhone users love to brag about their phones. They queue around an apple for hours when a new one is released. However, for many users, Android is clearly a superior platform. Yes, its Achilles heel is great: security. Android’s openness and large market share mean that is a juicy target for attackers.  However, Android opening also provides important benefits. It allows more customization, applications are generally cheaper and manufacturers of different mobile phones are able to offer. 

Google patented a new face recognition software for Android

By DailyAndroidNews | OnSunday, June 9th, 2013 - No Comments »

Google developed a new method to unlock the smartphone, which is that users make gestures like tongue thrusting or crinkle my nose. This new development from Google sparked criticism from some users, since the current version of Android 4.0 allows facial recognition unlocking, although different experiments demonstrated that this feature of the operating system can be tricked with a photo. Even some college students could fool a phone that had been set for the user to blink to unlock. 

Clean Master, optimization of Android without complications

By DailyAndroidNews | OnSaturday, June 8th, 2013 - No Comments »

The more or less always looking for your Android handset is as optimized as possible. An application that can help you achieve this in a simple way is Clean Master, who in a very simple offers this possibility with actions that are executed automatically. Working areas of the development of KS Mobile is storage, both in respect to running programs (RAM) and which is stored in flash memory, which are both applications and files they are saved. Therefore, it is here that improvements are made. 

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