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Autodesk 123D Creature, 3D character models from the iPad

Posted In News - By DailyAndroidNews on Sunday, June 23rd, 2013 With No Comments »

Autodesk software is a design company that is well known by the public because it is responsible for Autocad, one of the software packages used in the field of engineering or architecture. Besides professional cutting tools, the company has developed a range of products focused on design enthusiasts or those interested in small-scale projects in the field, for example, 3D modeling with Autodesk applications and services 123D. In order to expand the possibilities of working with 3D designs, Autodesk has released today a new iOS application calledAutodesk 123D Creature , with which fans can work on the design of creatures, monsters and any character you can think of doing complete models in 3D .


Autodesk 123D is a complete port-folio for both services and web applications to desktop and mobile devices with which we introduce in the field of design and 3D modeling without the need to be an expert on the subject.With 123D Catch can generate 3D models from real objects which we took pictures from different angles and with which Autodesk Cloud is able to perform a complete 3D model , with 123D Sculpt can sculpt 3D objects on the screen of an iPad with 123D Design we introduce 3D modeling from the Web or your desktop and to further stimulate the creativity of users have now launched 123D Creature allow us to work on the character design.

The application is focused on the iPad, and we can download from the App Store , it offers a simple application that introduce us to the character design without the need for us to be experts in the field, ie, we can design characters based on their skeleton and, starting from there we can sculpt the body, play with textures and, if we dare, create a CAD with which to print our character with a 3D printer.

If you are attracted to the world of 3D undoubtedly well worth checking out qe applications and services can be found in Autodesk 123D, applications and services, for example, have served to reproduce in 3D some works of Metropolitan New York .

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