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AVG TuneUp released for Android, we go hands-on

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Tuesday, April 16th, 2013 With No Comments »

AVG Technologies has announced and released their latest Android app. This one arrives as AVG TuneUp and brings the promise of being able to “help users get improved performance” on their smartphone or tablet. In terms of making that happen, the AVG TuneUp app brings tools to include a task killer and battery saver as well as a data and storage usage manager.


Basically, AVG has combined some features and rolled them all into one app. That said, the app does have a nice layout and is easy to use. At launch the app will alert you when the battery reaches the 30 percent mark and asks you to activate it, which is really just a way of making sure you agree to the terms. After that is complete you are taken to the main screen.


From here you have your four options — Task Killer, Battery Consumption, Data Usage and Storage Usage. These are all as the names would imply and can be seen in the screenshots throughout this post. The app also has a widget which provides quick and easy access to any or all of those four feature sections.


Bottom line here, in the brief time we spent with the app it does appear to have some promise. Granted, we suspect it is not going to be one the advanced users will need and/or want, however it should be nice for those who are not quite as inclined to deep dive into the settings. You know, maybe refer this one to your not-so-geeky friends and family members.

[via Google Play Store]

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