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Aviary app update brings updated UI, stickers and other improvements

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Wednesday, June 19th, 2013 With No Comments »

Aviary has recently updated the Photo Editor app which is now sitting at version 3.0 with a few new features and improvements. The folks at Aviary are calling this a “gigantic” update that is the biggest ever for Android. Basically, this update has brought a redesigned interface as well as some enhancements and some stickers. There is also a new effect pack for those willing and/or able to spend a few bucks.


The UI changes deal with the main editor toolbar, which now scrolls instead of paging. This should make it a bit easier to find the tools that you want at any given time. The other UI changes deal with the color, which is now a dark theme and a reduction in the padding. Some of the improvements deal with the Enhance and Focus tools.

The Enhance tool now has three settings — Hi-Def, Illuminate and Color Fix. These will sharpen and adjust the contrast, improve poorly lit images and bring some color correction. The color correction item, Color Fix was previously called Balance. The Focus tool will allow users to define the focal point by blurring out objects in the background.

aviary-01 aviary-02 aviary-03

There was also one called Color Splash. This will strip color from your image and let you paint it back. The Smart Color brush will limit splashes to the color of your choice and the Free Color brush will color whatever you want. The stickers are just that, stickers that you can add to your images. These will arrive as sticker packs that you have to download and include packs such as Space, Mustaches and Hats.

The newly added filters include the Woodland Effects pack which are priced at $2.99 and are described as being “perfect for outdoor photos.” Otherwise, the size of the editor is said to have been reduced by more than 10 percent. Or in other words, it should be quicker to download and also take up a bit less space on your device. As always, those looking for the latest release of Aviary should head to the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: Aviary Blog

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