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Bank of America app update brings new payment options and more

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Thursday, August 1st, 2013 With No Comments »

Bank of America has had an Android app available in the Play Store for a while now and while the app had a decent feature set, a recent update has added a bit more in terms of functionality. This latest update is currently sitting in the Play Store and has the app jumping to version 4.3.229. Perhaps more important — you now have the ability to send (and receive) money using an email address or telephone number.


This comes by way of the newly added “Send/Receive Money” feature and can be found under the Transfers section. You will be required to set things up to get started with this. That begins with checking (and hopefully reading) a few agreements and then goes to having you enter your email or mobile number. As mentioned this will allow you to send and/or receive and there is also an option to choose which account any incoming funds are deposited in.

Shifting away and we find other new additions such as the ability to make payments to your credit card using a checking account from another bank. Before you can use this option that external account will need to be setup in Online Banking. The app also now allows you to add, edit and delete your Bill pay accounts.

There was also mention of some minor enhancements and fixes as well as a perk for Platinum Priveledge clients. In this case, those clients now have a new Call Me Now feature available. Bottom line here, Bank of America has rolled out an update with a few worthwhile improvements. Basically, you now have a bit more control and functionality using nothing more than a smartphone or tablet.

SOURCE: Google Play Store

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