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BBM For Android And iOS: Not A Big Deal

Posted In News - By DailyAndroidNews on Friday, November 1st, 2013 With No Comments »

There is a lot of buzz around BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) these days, and you might get lots of data regarding the number of downloads it’s gotten so far. So, let us look at a couple of them before moving ahead, as well as why BBM is not a game changer for BlackBerry (BBRY), which is struggling to increase its revenue.

  • BBM downloaded on 10 million smartphones on the first day of its launching.
  • BBM topped in free iPhone apps chart

As soon as BlackBerry launched BBM on Google‘s (GOOG) Android andApple‘s (AAPL) iOS, people flooded the gates to download the app, and so much so that most users had to wait for the company to issue them BBM pins. Well, I see this as a marketing tactic of the company, which was adopted earlier by “Mailbox” on iOS and Gmail. Queuing for something creates a lot of buzz psychologically, especially when it is new. However, I think, there is a lot to achieve by BlackBerry with BBM, as it is a late entrant in the Instant Messaging, or IM, on a different platform. I have no doubt regarding the usage of BBM, as it was one of the most attractive factors for buying a BlackBerry device. Nonetheless, BBM has to prove its mettle against WhatsApp, which is being used by more than 300 million users, globally. Although, BlackBerry got a good start after the launch of BBM for Android and iOS, I will remain cautious on the growth of BBM in the long run due to the following seven reasons:

1. WhatsApp’s Wider Reach


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