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Best Android Antivirus Apps 2014

Posted In News, Reviews - By DailyAndroidNews on Tuesday, December 31st, 2013 With No Comments »

Android is the most popular operating system on the planet. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best security Android apps for 2014. mejor-antivirus-para-android[1] The good news for the security of Android is that when it comes to malware detection rates are skyrocketing. In PC Mag, we use the results of independent testing laboratories to evaluate malware. According to AV-Test, the average detection rate in August was 95.2 percent. Which is great, because the number of malicious applications is skyrocketing.   With such high rates of detection, we look at other aspects for a large part of our evaluations.Design and ease of use, for example, are critical. Additional features such as a backup, call blocking, theft, etc., are key features that truly help users. In addition, we will analyze the impact of these applications on the user, as the time it takes to complete a scan for malware. We also consider how these features are implemented. For example, most security applications remotely lock your device, but unfortunately some will allow you to continue interacting with the device, even when locked. That’s something our readers should know before making a purchase.

Why you need security? Whether security applications “worth” is something that I really round head. While all I see reports indicate that Android malware is growing, it is usually limited in how they can attack the devices.Not long ago, a security expert told me that the security of Android was a success story compared to the madness of PC security in the 90s does. However, there are some clear benefits in security applications. Theft and loss, which are by far the most common and immediate to your phone and the data it contains threats can be reduced drastically. And if the malware seems little threat, remember that just because you’re on your phone or tablet does not make phishing emails (or SMS, Facebook, etc.) are less hazardous. These days, you would not use a Windows computer without Antivirus software simply because of the risks involved. Android is not as tasty (yet) target, but security applications avoid it becoming a target and will provide valuable tools to your business will be better Android.


Kaspersky offers a robust product with its mobile security offering. Provides full list of burglar tools, privacy settings, the top-notch protection from malware, and some unique features that allow you to keep certain information hidden in your device. I especially liked the lockscreen lock application, and the ability to perform either a full system restore, or simply remove personal data. Download now ( promo code : Trade20 20% off )



Applying Bitdefender Mobile Security is a practical product with a reasonable annual cost and a list of carefully selected bitdefender[1]features. A scanning system based on a single cloud is used, and can scan your phone in just ten seconds. While also examines applications download, you can not perform this analysis without an Internet connection. A recent update adds support for the reputation of the service application Bitdefender Clueful. Download Now


341507-avast[1] Avast! is loaded to the gills with extensive burglar tools, many remote commands via SMS, and malware protection premier. Although your lock screen is not as secure as I would like, the price, the large number of features make it a good choice for those who want great protection without breaking the bank. Download Now




402378-norton-logo[1] This application works with Norton 360, which gives a total protection of all devices. It has highest scores in detection of malware and includes calls and sms lock with the typical list of standard features. Unfortunately, a restoration of the remote system was not among the options burglar. Download now (Coupon Code: 20SYMNORTONES Save 20%!)  




339538-lookout[1] Lookout gets a lot of points on my scale to be fully mobile and focus on good design for the user. It also receives a punctuation in detection, and responds sensitively, sometimes updating their application to address new threats to Android before Google has a chance to close the vulnerability.  Download Now



trend-micro[1] Trend Micro seemed determined not only offer protection against malware quality, but also offer more options than any other service. The application has a good score against malware, anti-theft features, SMS / call blocking, and some parental controls, among others. Interestingly, when the device is cleaned, the amount is selected to remove the phone, but the deletion is activated remotely. However, it lacked a spy camera function and lock screen worried me. Download Now



msa_elite_primary_logo_rgb I was very impressed with the results of detection of McAfee and its many additional features, including robust security options for premium subscribers. With it you can back up your SMS, call log, contacts, and media files on the device. I also liked the control, very achieved, to clean the device with McAfee, and the different profiles to control access to applications. Despite a lock screen problem, McAfee is a strong mobile security application. Download Now

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