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Best Android Smartphones of 2013

Posted In News, Reviews - By DailyAndroidNews on Sunday, December 22nd, 2013 With No Comments »
Best Android Phones of 2013

Best Android Phones of 2013

We had a bumpy year. Maybe you have not caught the news as much as others, but it is impossible to deny that the Android range has experienced exciting changes, especially in the second half of the year within the average range (speaking in terms of prices).

From The Free Android lets take a look at what has happened this year and select the best Android smartphones of 2013 , a guide that may well help you choose a new smartphone for Christmas or create some controversy, because surely that we we are not best for you. That’s why I ask for your opinion, both in comments and in a short survey, and soon we will update with your opinion on the best Android 2013.

Best Camera: Sony Xperia Z1


Best Camera: Sony Xperia Z1

Sony was one of the first manufacturers to introduce new smartphone this year, and did so in style with so great as is the Xperia Z1 terminal . It was in February during the Mobile World Congress, and we were all outstanding months before launch due to rumors about a 20.7 Megapixel camera to accompany him.

It seemed incredible that a manufacturer of smartphones would be launched in such a large sensor camera resolution jump, and although logic led us to deny it, the evidence indicated that it would. And finally it was, Sony Xperia Z1 was launched with its 20.7 Megapixel camera.

The main feature of this smartphone is that it is the world’s first phone to incorporate compact camera technology, which means that we have a sensor, processor and lens using the same techniques that these cameras. In fact the sensor and processor are that Sony uses in its range of compact, and this is already assured quality.

During 2013 many manufacturers have struggled to offer the best camera, and the fact is that even if we do compare to some wins and other loses Xperia Z1. I have read all your comments every time we have published on Xperia Z1 camera, and some say I talk bad about her and other good gains in other blogs and other loses.

But the truth is that the Xperia Z1 camera is always comparative, and after living with different phones during the 2013, I have to say that overall this Sony camera is always the one I just like it.That’s why the award for best camera 2013 is what carries the Sony Xperia Z1 . It is true that in some situations other perform better, but the picture is so varied that it is impossible for a camera to be the best at all, so sometimes we win and other loser. For us is the overall winner of this year.

Best design, sound and interface: HTC One

Best design, sound and interface: HTC One

There is a phone that has enchanted us this year, and for many reasons. This is the HTC One , is that it may not be generally better, but it has been assembled in a way that has some of the most important elements in a smartphone as best we located 2013.

If we have to choose which is the best Android 2013 is designed, certainly we have to stay with HTC One Its aluminum body, rounded lines and front speakers (of whom now speak more fully) love at first sight and hooked forever once you’ve had in your hands. I think it’s undeniable claim to be the best Android phone built , and possibly not just 2013.

And as we said, one of the elements that have loved the design is HTC’s decision to place the speakers in the front . This looks like a small detail is actually one of the smarter design solutions we’ve seen, and I really hope other manufacturers take note and begin to do so. We have three ways to place your speakers: On the back (the worst), at the bottom (fix and which largely solves the problems have him back) and the front (great choice of HTC ). This coupled with the partnership with Beats when this terminal was launched makes it the One HTC Android smartphone with the best sound of 2013.

And finally a section that goes over the winner, the interface . We have to choose it above all original, and is BlinkFeed is different and interesting as we’ve seen in terms of Android experience. I know that many do not just convinced, but for us it has been the most innovative of all .

Better screen and battery: LG G2

Better screen and battery: LG G2

LG wanted to return this year to reach the top, and looks like it was made ​​with the G2 . We have been close to giving the award to the biggest surprise of 2013 , and is frankly not very clear that we were to be achieved at the top, but the G2 phone that is much deserved.

It is true that leaves a bad taste in my mouth by the back buttons , which at first seems a very interesting innovation but when the truth is not too comfortable, and that its interface leaves much to be desired , indicating that LG here requires a full and urgent renovation, but has other good aspects, above any other Android smartphone of 2013 .

The True-HD IPS 5.2 “screen resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels is for us the best screen in 2013 .Not only the colors and contrast of the panel is an experience that many manufacturers struggle to meet, if not the tiny phone profiles that make the entire device screen appears giving a unique driving sensation.

Another thing is the battery , so important today in a smartphone and the source of most problems (hopefully in 2014 we can give the best battery award to something revolutionary). We have been debatiéndonos between LG G2 and Moto G, which can last several days of use, but do not think it fair to compare a phone these features with high-end, and if you look at this the winner is the LG G2 , yielding almost like no other.

Best quality / price ratio: Motorola Moto G

Best quality / price ratio: Motorola Moto G

The end of 2013 has come up with something that we love it, the Motorola Moto G . We can not place him as the best Android 2013 because it is not, but he has done something very important to the ecosystem of the Google mobile operating system. It has revolutionized the midrange , this being a user experience for high-end almost as low as they are that costs € 175 free price.

Very recently it was unthinkable to access a phone that offered such good use fluency and for this price, and Android takes years by earning a horrible reputation because many phones from many manufacturers that pay well below what they should . Moto G shows that this is not so, and that the midrange has much to say, such is its importance.

There are great phones that offer excellent quality / price as Aquaris 5 bq or Xiaomi Mi3 (unfortunately for now is only in the Chinese market), but Moto G has gone one step further with such a small price .

Obligatory mention is the amazing battery rides this terminal, which holds perfectly intensive one day, but for average users may take several days. In fact I can say that I’ve had a whole week without using it as a second movable load, something incredible.

If you want a good phone at an even better price on Motorola Moto G is definitely the best choice.

Best big screen: Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Best big screen: Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Take full advantage of a display of more than 5 inches is not easy. We can place this size or perhaps 5.2 as the barrier between normal use and a use in which we must begin to offer extras, and Samsung is the manufacturer who has best done with the Note 3 .

We have to mention Sony Xperia Z and Ultra , which has done a very good job, but as a phone in general is better Note 3 , and undoubtedly the best shows we talked advantage of the big screen.

It does so by very useful proprietary applications and S Pen , which thanks to its advanced features makes the Galaxy Note 3 in a perfect not only for those who want big screen device, but for those who want these are well used.

The simple fact of being able to split the screen into two and work with different applications at once is enough to give the award for best large screen Android 2013, but its S Pen and applications for Samsung Note round out close .

Best 2013 Android: Nexus 5

Best 2013 Android: Nexus 5

With so much great phone is not easy to reach the final winner of this Android 2013 list , but we have to surrender to the evidence and give the prize to the best Android Nexus May 2013 . For one simple reason, a unique Android experience , simple, comfortable and smooth to an unbeatable price for its range .

Last year Google surprised us all with a tablet first as the Nexus 7 down 200 € and then a smartphone like the Nexus 4 which managed to be below 300 € with high-end hardware. A year has done it again, and components that other manufacturers sold almost double the price offers the opportunity for any user to access the high-end smartphone that pays a higher position in the list.

Nexus 5 is the pure Android experience without layers or elements that distract us or bother to use. This may be good for some and bad for others, who say that do not take advantage of the extras that Android may have, as they do make other manufacturers, but the fact is that we have at our disposal Play Google to offer a collection of tools rather than complete.

I find it strange to have to defend as best Android smartphone of 2013 to 349 € We offers a Snapdragon 800, 2GB of RAM, 8MP camera and a user experience not offered by any other Android, and maybe that’s why we have thus chosen. It is true that there are great Android smartphones with which to buy it, but when we reduce everything to which one is better overall, Nexus 5 is undoubtedly our choice . Of course we would have liked to see a better camera and better battery efficiency, but not everything can be perfect. Maybe in 2013.

The podium

Choosing the Best Android full year is no easy task, and the fact is that all manufacturers have done an excellent job. Throughout 2013 we have seen huge quality smartphones , and stay only with the Nexus May perhaps knows little . There have been other fighting for this post with the latest phone from Google, terminals are as follows.Samsung-Galaxy-S4-Analisis06[1]

In second position we put the Samsung Galaxy S4 , an excellent terminal which complies in all respects. Great hardware, great camera, great battery performance and fluidity and speed like few other Android offering.

And finally, in third place , a somewhat rare for not coming to the European market phone, but without a doubt he deserves. This is the Motorola Moto X , great finish and a pure Android experience to which only added extras Motorola improvements. Motorola has demonstrated with this device the excellent work that is able to carry out, because with the high efficiency of a processor not only get a very fast and smooth phone, if not a high battery duration.

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