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Best download managers for Android

Posted In HOW TO DO!, News - By DailyAndroidNews on Saturday, December 28th, 2013 With No Comments »


Most often downloaded Internet files. Since working papers and notes to images, videos and music.We talked about how to use programs like uTorrent on Android , but there are still many downloads that work directly and though the download manager for Android is easy to operate, failure to provide options like pause downloading from notifications (this option is in some versions) or decide where to save the download. 
In this article we will see some of the options to “replace” the default handler. I say replace in quotes because they do not spend literally manage downloads automatically, since (unlike other cases such as browsers) can not change the default values ​​regarding downloads.

Download all files, the remedy for the accompanyingdaf-680x340[1]

This app was made ​​a reputation and that solves the problem of the native gmail application with attachments,  Download All Files extension allows us to download the Gmail app leaves . It is as simple as installing it and choose it as an option to preview the attachment. Served among others for APK, RAR, ZIP, MP3, DOC and XLS extensions and although some of these extensions and can be opened directly (recognized as apk file to install) and the app does not offer extra options on how to download,  follow be useful to keep in the drawer for cases of compressed files.

Easy Downloader, a step in the right direction


Easy Downloader adds several features to the default handler. The first thing that stands out is the Easy Downloader  classification of discharges between unloaded and in process . This is something so simple that you are missing in the series manager, since all go together, or sorted by date or size. In our case now sorted by size and shape, but also have a tab that will handle ag blind integrated file in the app.

Regarding their operation from being unable to directly instruct all downloads, we have to make them pass us by the app, selecting it as well sharing app to share a link or by copying the address (the app gets directly from the clipboard). Either forms the discharge will start in this manager in place of another.

Highlight the benefits of this app are

  • Two own supplements and energy conservation task manager.
  • Integrated File Manager.
  • Ability to manage downloads together puediendo I pause or delete them.
  • Ability to download all files from a link from the clipboard.
  • Contains integrated with several web sites downloads predefined markers browser.
  • Better handles multiple downloads.
  • Handles best possible cuts in the download (connection problems).

Faster Downloads, the king of the track


This application gets the above and added a few details to start the browser it shows a little more fluid, much more important than that is the button you see in the center of the browser (the arrow).This button lists all downloadable from the page you are viewing and the option to download  at once. When you find documentation notes pages for a subject, can not find the link or want all the pictures that look you would appreciate this option. Also we will choose the folder to save the file or even a folder per default extension . But not all pink s, since the app is not as clear as Easy Downloader and has bugs  with what hangs sometimes dangerous thing in app downloads.


As always the option chosen will depend on the person and uses that will give. While on the phone you may be interested in a clear interface as Easy Downloader, a tablet may link to download a lot of the same page. Remember that these are just some of the highlights, lots more, so encourage one to compare you to wear.

PS: If you are going to use these applications may take a peek at querrais Aurora browser because it allows you to open apps enlae by another.

Download Download All Files from Google Play 
Download Easy Downloader from Google Play 
Download Faster Downloads from Google Play

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