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BlackBerry Secure Work Space app launches for Android

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Tuesday, June 25th, 2013 With No Comments »

BlackBerry announced the Secure Work Space app for Android earlier in the year and as of today that app has arrived in the Google Play Store. The app is called ‘Secure Work Space for BES10′ and while we suspect some may be happy to learn that it is available — there is a catch. Basically, while the app is available you still need to have the support of your company before getting any use out of it.

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This app is part of the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 and it offers what is said to be “containerization.” Or in other words, this app will wrap the applications and offer the ability to connect securely. The Secure Work Space app will run on a tablet or smartphone and promises features to include AES-256 bit enterprise connectivity and encryption.

Users will be able to access email, contacts and a calendar using the Work Connect app. And as part of that security, users will be required to login before accessing any of those secure apps. Once signed in users will be greeted with a fully featured email inbox that includes the ability to file messages into folders for safe keeping.

Using the contacts app will provide access to the corporate directory, calendars will allow for multiple views and new appointments can be accepted from the invite or the inbox. The Secure Work Space app also has Tasks as well as a secure web browser that can be used to get access to the company intranet pages. The browser is HTML5 and another security related feature comes with copying work content.

Or more specifically, the security comes with the inability to copy work content to personal applications. Users will however have the option to securely view and edit those documents using Documents To Go. Those documents can also be sent to others — assuming they are in the company directory. Anyway, while feature rich, we go back to the bit about needing support from your company to use the app. Bottom line here, this marks the time when you can contact your IT admin about getting started.

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