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BlueStacks: Android applications on your PC

Posted In HOW TO DO!, Reviews - By DailyAndroidNews on Sunday, January 5th, 2014 With No Comments »

A while ago we showed you some Android for PC , a simple application that allowed us to test the Google mobile system on your computer desktop. Apparently, interest in this OS is growing, something evidenced by the appearance of several similar programs. Here we look at one of the most interesting and promising: BlueStacks .

What is BlueStacks?

The websites promoting this program as an ” app player “that is, as a player applications. To give you an idea, BlueStacks is a single platform where we can run Android applications from any of the stores available today.


This way, you only need to explore the different shops of Android (using the browser embedded) or enter the name of the app you want in the search. In addition, you can enjoy some applications including default (like Evernote, Talking Tom or StumbleUpon) or even download and use some of the suggested (from Facebook to Angry Birds for Android Space, through a wide range of options).


BlueStacks How it works?

You just have to download and install BlueStacks. Once this process is complete, the program will proceed without further and you can access all your options instantly. This is possible through two paths. The principal is through the program itself, which runs on an ordinary window screen emulates an Android device .

The second pathway involves the use of a small rod that is inserted in the top of a screen. From there you can access and run your applications (My Apps), exploring the most downloaded applications (Popular Apps), visit different stores (App Stores) and even synchronize your PC with your Android phone (Cloud Connect). Let the latter in detail.bluestacks-barra[1]

Cloud Connect: synchronization between your PC and Android

This option is very interesting for those who want to import information from your Android phone for use on your computer (in fact, it is excellent to use WhatsApp on your PC). All you have to do to get this to work is to download the BlueStacks Cloud Connect application for Android to your phone.

Once you have both components installed on your PC and your mobile phone, you should just go to the option Cloud Connect in the computer program, enter an email address and your phone number and you open the mail will be sent. So, you just need to use the pin number that you provided within the mobile application.


When all these settings, you should just select the applications to synchronize and give the “button Sync “. If they so wish, you can also synchronize all applications you install after having carried out this process. To do this, simply select the ” Sync all apps to cloud “on the mobile version of the program.


Note that Cloud Connect allows applications sync, pictures and SMS very easily, even with a fairly slow process.

First Impressions

The truth that BlueStacks has left me speechless. It is very easy to install and even easier to use. Its operation is very stable and lightweight , but searches in stores can be somewhat slow.

Also, also is advisable to have a powerful video board to squeeze its entire range. If you do not count on this hardware, BlueStacks installed a basic client which will run only a few applications (can not run Angry Birds Space, for example).

The top bar is very interesting and comfortable , if somewhat intrusive. Fortunately, you can get rid of it at any time, knowing that the program and its functions are waiting for you in the system tray.

Finally, it is important that you manage applications that look in your start menu and you can adjust your keyboard settings and language BlueStacks (which, at least in the Spanish translation, needs to be polished urgently).


In short, this PC Android platform is simply sensational even when phase is still in beta . So if you’re in the mood to have a look, be sure to download BlueStacks free and tell us who you thought.

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