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Boingo subscribers given access to AT&T WiFi hotspot locations

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Tuesday, April 9th, 2013 With No Comments »

Boingo and AT&T have announced their latest partnership offering. And nicely done, this one brings good news for current Boingo customers as well as select AT&T customers. Simply put, Boingo subscribers and those select AT&T subscribers will each have additional WiFi hotspot locations they can use while out and about or while traveling.


Beginning first with what this partnership means for Boingo users. This one is simple, moving forward Boing users will be able to use any of the AT&T WiFi Hotspot locations. This includes all of the available AT&T WiFi Hotspots which can be found in locations to include restaurants, sporting arenas, retail locations and airports.

Keeping on the topic of airport WiFi and this is where the partnership flips. AT&T users will be able to get access to Boingo’s global network of Wi-Fi hotspots. The one bit here is that this offer is only available to select AT&T users. The breakdown here shows the offer as being available to those who subscribe to the 300MB or 800MB AT&T Data Global Add-On package.

If you are an AT&T user with either of those plans you will then need to download the AT&T Wi-Fi International app to find and connect to the Boingo access. Those AT&T customers will also see a limit in terms of use — you will be capped at 1GB of free WiFi per month. Just as a reminder, AT&T also partnered with The Cloud back in February which gave WiFi access for those traveling in the UK.

[via Business Wire]

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