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Candy Crush Saga sweetness heading to Amazon Appstore, Kindle Fire tablets

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Wednesday, October 16th, 2013 With No Comments »

If there ever were a bittersweet game, that distinction would belong to Candy Crush. Now the deceptively simple and addictive productivity-killer is coming to Amazon’s Appstore and, of course, its handful of Kindle Fire Android tablets. Say goodbye to your book-reading free time soon.


The “same game” genre, where players line up three or more items of the same kind to score a point, has been around for quite a long time, but every now and then someone comes along with a twist that catapults the game into a hit. With challenging puzzles, mouth-watering candy-themed visuals, and a hypnotizing soundtrack, Candy Crush Saga has risen to such fame among desktop and mobile gamers that the game can be found everywhere you look. Well, almost everywhere.

While Candy Crush Saga is available on Google Play Store, some Android devices, at least those that don’t have Google Play Services, have not been so lucky. Such is the case with Amazon’s tablets, all of which run Amazon Appstore instead, at least by default. That problem will be a thing of the past now that Candy Crush Saga is coming to the Appstore and on Kindle Fire tablets, such as the new Kindle Fire HDX, which got a teardown treatment just recently.

Candy Crush Saga is already available on Amazon Appstore in selected regions but a worldwide launch will take place on October 17. If you own one such device and haven’t experienced the game yet and are the type who gets easily sucked into these kinds of casual games, play at your own risked.

VIA: Android Central

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