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Canonical Permanently Drops The Ubuntu Edge To $695 As They Struggle To Reach 32M

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The Ubuntu Edge looks like it could be an amazing device.  Not only am I very impressed by the specs that their aiming for (which include 128GB storage, 4GB RAM, and whatever the best processor is at the time of assembly), but the device itself will be top notch in terms of build materials (sapphire glass screen, metal body).  I also love the idea of having Android and Ubuntu OS on the phone, both with the converge option that will create a full blown desktop experience from the phone.

The crowd funded project got off to an amazing start, hitting over a million within a day.  However, things have consistently been slowing down day by day.  Part of it likely had to do with the increasing prices as lower tiers got bought up, the other part simply being insufficient interest from the masses.  The project is currently at 8.75 million at the time of writing but they’re still well off the goal of 32 million.

With just 14 days to go, Canonical has made a move to try and regain some traction so that they can get this project off the ground.  They have removed completely removed the tiered pricing model and opted for a set price of $695.  This is still a tad higher than the early adopter price but still a great price nonetheless.  If you think about it, any flagship device on the market right now costs at least $650 but doesn’t come close to the specs or materials that will be used on this project.

I backed the project early on so I’m really hoping that it makes its goal (or even if it comes up short, that they still go through with manufacturing the product).  They did also get their first Enterprise level support from Bloomberg which means they just through at least $80000 towards the project.

Hopefully some other companies out there will jump on board to really push this project forward or perhaps they’ve piqued your interest with their new pricing!  If you’re interested, hit the link below.


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