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Carbon for Twitter updated with a slew of fixes for fonts, Vine, and more

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Monday, July 29th, 2013 With No Comments »

Another update to the popular Twitter app Carbon arrived this weekend bringing a slew of fixes, performance tweaks, and much more. The developer has been busy as of late, and this is the second major update to Carbon for Twitter this month alone, and many will be happy to see the changelog. All those font and Vine issues are fixed, and that’s only the beginning.


Whether you’ve dealt with the Falcon Pro mess, or just love checking out new Twitter apps, Carbon is certainly one worth taking a look at. Especially now that the developer has been pushing updates out so quickly. Originally the app was delayed for months and months, but now it’s here, he’s been keeping it up to date.

Carbon was updated earlier this month with some tweaks, but this weekends update was one of the biggest yet. The changelog is extremely long, so we’ll just let you check out everything that has been fixed or is new from the list below.

– Fixed Vine previews on Tweet Screen, it loads the still frame
– Timeline Font size bug on Context Menu
– Direct Messages Font size bug, sizes now apply to DMs as well
– Autocomplete blank avatars are now removed
– Fixed Image & URL link bug on Tweets where it didn’t detect the URL
– Long names in Japanese/Arabic bug on Tweet Screen that hid Reply button
– People Filters blank avatars removed
– Removed Tablet warning, it shows only once on the first run
– Optimizations

After their latest update a lot of users were complaining about the custom font options not being the same app-wide. That’s been fixed here in context menus, direct messages, and much more. Some links weren’t click-able lately, and that’s also been addressed. Which was my only main concern as of late.

Then of course the developers of Carbon mention optimizations, new filters, and they also fixed some issues with avatar images appearing blank. So while the user interface didn’t get anything new (nor does it need to) the app has just been seriously improved and perfected.

We’re still big fans of Robird for Twitter, but the new Carbon is looking better and better with each and every update. Get it from the link below and enjoy!

VIA: Google Play Store

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