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Check Out Guy Kawasaki’s Personalized Moto X Unboxing

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Friday, August 16th, 2013 With No Comments »

Guy Kawasaki was the Motorola rep that hinted at the customizable phone, the Moto X, back in March so it’s only fitting for him to be the first to do an unboxing of his very own personalized Moto X.  For his phone he opted for white on the front, yellow on the back, and black accents.  He also had something engraved on the back, although I can’t quite make out what it says (looks like an e-mail address maybe).

The video doesn’t show the device running or anything like that, just the phone being pulled out of the box.  I like how he pops his shirt at the end of the video.


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