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Check Out These Sense 5.5 Screenshots

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 With No Comments »

Sense 5.5 - 1

It’s not secret that HTC is working on Sense 5.5 and now we have some screenshots to prove it!  The screenshots come courtesy Android Revolution HD and they cover the UI fairly extensively.  For the most part, things are very similar to Sense 5 but there are a few changes here and there.

To begin with, you can now turn off the Blinkfeed page which I’m sure will make some people happy.  The camera app also has two new options, Panorama+ and Dual Capture.  There’s no details as to what these two new camera options due but I would wager that the Panorama+ is HTC’s 360 capture option and Dual Capture simply allows you to take a picture with both the front facing and rear camera at the same time.  Both are features we’ve seen on other devices so it’s only natural that HTC would add it to their UI.

There’s no time frame as to when this will be coming out but I’m excited for Sense 5.5 (assuming I’m still using the HTC One by the time it releases).

Sense 5.5 - 2

Sense 5.5 - 3 Sense 5.5 - 4 Sense 5.5 - 5


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