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Chrome gets Android screencast support, debugging features

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Tuesday, October 8th, 2013 With No Comments »

In what looks to be an attempt to get developers thinking more mobile centric about their design, Google has introduced into Chrome a utility to allow for real-time alterations. As more and more users turn to their phones and tablets ahead of desktop or even laptop computers, the mobile website has increasing value for developers. From monetization to simple navigation, making it look right on mobile is crucial.

Android Chrome debugging

Google’s obsession with all things web-based is going even further with this new development for Chrome. In the latest beta build for the world leading browser, brave souls can test a utility which allows them to test their creations in real-time, via USB connection to a tablet or phone. The utility is available on all platforms Chrome supports: Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS.

This was originally outed by Francois Beaufort, who is known for digging up interesting tidbits in the Chromium code. Via his Google+ post, Beaufort details exactly how to get it up and running. By activating a few flags in Chrome, anyone can begin casting and testing. The screencasting will allow users to view and alter, via Chrome, what’s going on with their mobile device creations, as illustrated in the video below.

A simple utility, this has far reaching implications. As Chrome Beta for Android recently gained the ability to save web pages to the home screen, this seems to be a continuation in Google’s attempt to make the mobile web a more viable option for everyone, and it starts with developers.

VIA: Engadget

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